This poem is a result of a themed challenge… Enjoy

How did it all end in silence?How did I end up buried somewhere

Below the gothic city of your darkened

Promises? Broken nails and bloodied 

Lips, I dug myself out of the grave you

Buried me within. I’m torn and bruised. 

 I’m painted in all shades of Black and blue.

A million lifetimes Filled with shards of glass. A million lifetimes of a story that

Will never end. Debris and dust.

Ash and wood. Haunted cities and 

broken smiles. All grey. All icy blue.

All forgotten like it all never existed.

And here I am burning, dying, breaking

Into thousands of pieces. 

Will this be the end? Will the darkness

Sway and lose its grip on me?

Your hand in mine feels like glass.

Jagged edged and cold.

Your heart to mine feels harsh and vague.

Your face is a million light years away.

And here I am below the dying sun 

Without you. Mourning it all, forever.

Searching and waiting for it all to 

Not end in silence. 

Hoping for it all to be forgotten.

But I know you are no longer mine.

And you know we are on different paths,

Have different fairytales. It all ends here.

You and I, not hand in hand. 

You and I with two different fates.

You and I, 

but there are no you and I… 

For you and I are strangers.. Forever.


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