every time your smell lingers onMy soul I peel off my skin and try to forget you, but I can’t. 

My skin is scarred by all the

Memories you left behind. My face 

Is scarred by all the tears I cried 

And it’s never enough. It’s all shades of black and blue. All battered, all broken. All memories of darkness and holes. All is nothing, all is no one.

And I am left behind with your skin itched in the depths of my memory. All laughter. All evil. All blood and bones. Skin on skin and I can’t not peel it all off. All bruised, all sore 

And it’s still there in my mind. How your skin feels upon mine. All fire, all boils. All black and red and I’m left with nothing but soot. Nothing but ash. Nothing but flesh and veins. Soulless, skinless..


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