Bruises, eternally 

Why don’t we cover the bruises we paint on each other 

and build a fortress around our hearts?

Why don’t you and I get matching tattoos

and run across the empty haunted town

where We died last night when we crushed each other’s dreams.

 Let me write you a haiku that ends with nothing but our blood on paper 

while you write me a satire

that can never make sense. 

I believed in you,

but never in the dreams we built. 

Our hearts, side by side but never intertwined. 

We build the dreams, but never the reality. How can we be so disconnected? 

My heart is deserted.

The colours have left and I willingly keep them out of my soul. 

I know I turned your dreams into bruises.

I know I brought nothing but dreamless sleepless nights. 

Clouds, all black and grey. 

We fall in love and out of it everyday. 

We get matching tattoos of green and purple. Everyday. All the time. Eternally. 


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