Ashes to ashes 

Ashes…Fill my lungs, burn my tongue 


Engulf the memories I thought I had.

Ashes to ashes 

Wave to wave 

Light those cities around me


You and I, left unremembered 

The sun explodes and fades away


Turn me to dust, light to darkness 

And I’m stranded in the unknown

Ashes to ashes

The sound echoes 

No, I can’t stay in this vertigo 

Hold your breath as I vanish 


Day and night, light fades 

The twilight burns

Ashes to ashes 

Just like you and I 

A thought from my darkest memory 


Consume my soul and forget me

Let me fall. Crash and burn 


I’m jaded. I’m broken

I vanish and disappear 

Ashes to ashes 

Hold me and turn me to dust 

Your hand in mine is all that is left 


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